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MH04 series Hall Effect Sensor are packaged in a screw fastened flange mount rectangular housing with cable terminals.  MH04 hall sensor custom options include: output- switch, latch, etc., high temperature resistance, package design and much more. Also available in a micro-power version that operate on 2.5-3.5V battery voltage with only 5μA average supply current vs. the industry average of 5mA. Our MH04 series Hall Effect Sensor series offer solid state reliability, low power consumption, and consistent activation points over a wide temperature range in a rugged and environmentally isolated package.

Notes: Add external pull-up resistor (RL) for sinking output between VCC and VOUT. Add external bypass capacitor (CBYP) close to the sensor to reduce external noise as needed.



Function Type - S (Switch), L (Latch) Standard S, L, Micro-power Switch only
Sensing Range - Operate|Release Standard (S) 95G|70G, (L) 22G|-23G, Micro-power 37G|31G
Voltage Supply Standard 3-24V, Micro-power 2.5-3.5V
Current Supply Standard 4mA, Micro-power 2mA
Output Leakage Current Max. Standard 10μA, Micro-power 1μA
Output On Voltage Typ. Standard 185mV, Micro-power 100mV
Chopping Frequency Typ. Standard 800kHz, Micro-power 340kHz
Operating Temperature -40 to 85C (Higher temp. versions available)



SME Hall Effect Sensor products are ideal in limited space requirements, surface mount, speed sensor – fast response, outputs beyond on/off, linear output, programmable, latching, polarity sensitive, and much more….

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